We all pick up a few easy links as we wander around the web. SEOs can’t visit a single website without briefly thinking, “where can I get a link on here?” It’s a mindset that you can’t turn off.

The following list is a few places where different SEOs have nabbed quick links. Some easy links to help you get a new site indexed or to diversify your link portfolio.

outreach free linkbuilding

This gracefully photoshopped image was borrowed from the fine sausage makers at Johnsonville.

Nick RoshonNickRoshon.com

  • Slideshare.net – upload presentations, add a link to your profile (dofollow)
  • Google+ Profile – Links in “Other Profiles” section are dofollowed, so this is a nobrainer – a dofollow link from Google.com!
  • Flickr – you can get a link in your profile under the Website field.

Tom HarariTomHarari.com

  • Manta – Allows companies to add their site to their local business directory with a followed link.
  • Crunchbase – Allows companies to add their site to this directory from TechCrunch. Links to websites within company profile are followed.

chris-dyson-seoChris DysonTripleSEO

  • About.me – Do follow link with your choice of anchor text.
  • Squidoo – Do Follow and choice of anchor text in the Lensmaster profile as well as in any Squidoo Lens you create.

Jon CooperPoint Blank SEO

  • Last.fm – Sign up, add a link in your profile.
  • AboutUs.org – Write a bio for your client’s site, and make it detailed. Once it is, email dofollow@aboutus.org to make the links followed. Add as many as you’d like on the page.
  • TED.com – Sign up, add a link in your profile.
  • My.Opera.com – Sign up, add a link in your profile.

Anthony D. Nelson (me) – Northside SEO

  • Ebay – Go to the Community section and edit your profile in HTML. Add in a few anchor text links.
  • Klout – Put your full URL in your Twitter bio then sign up for an account at Klout. Have Klout use your Twitter bio.

All of the sites listed here are solid domains. They aren’t going to give you a major boost, but they also won’t send poor quality signals to the search engines.

Have you gotten links from any of these sites before? Do you have a favorite easy link that you’d like to add? Drop a comment if you have time.

Update: Sites added by commenters or late email additions

Daniel CallisBrit-Net Internet Marketing

  • Stickam – Followed RSS feed links on profile!

Tony StoccoTonyStocco.com

Julian SutterSEOrigami

  • istockphoto.com – Allows users to post blogs or updates which don’t filter links. A couple tweets and those pages are indexed. These post DO show up on site, so spam will get reported.

Slavik VolinskyVolisnky Consulting

Michael J. KovisMichaelKovis.com

  • LookupPage – Sign up and choose “I’d like a business page.” Create profile. Followed link to your business or organizations website.
  • SmartViper – Simply enter your website URL and click the “Check Website” button (you may have to fill out a Captcha form). Site will be analyzed. Once done you have a unique URL along with a “followed” link.
  • WooRank – Type in your URL and click the “Website Review” button. Viola! Same as above.
  • Yudu Free – Register an account. When filling in the profile you can enter in your business or organizations URL along with a blog URL, if that site has one.


33 Responses to Links You Can Get With Zero Outreach

  1. Callis says:

    http://www.stickam.com Followed RSS feed links on profile!

  2. Tony says:

    Add Blip.fm to the list. :)

  3. istock.com allows users to post blogs or updates which don’t filter links. A couple tweets and those pages are indexed.

    These post DO show up on site, so spam will get reported.

    • Thanks for stopping by Julian. As with any of these sites it is recommended not to spam them in any way.

      Participating on these sites helps your page stay indexed and builds up its PA by creating internal links pointing at your profile page. As you mentioned, tweeting the page helps indexation as well.

      I’ve added your suggestion and gave you a link above.

  4. One more great link is from http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/upload , but you need to upload company’s vector logo. For example:

  5. Bob Jones says:

    SEOmoz gives you a dofollow in your profile after you earn 200 mozpoints for free.

  6. Mark Porter says:

    Great post, although I’m pretty sure flickr links are no followed!

  7. Tom says:

    MyBigAmbitions.com allows a dofollow link from your public profile: http://www.mybigambitions.com/

  8. Sean says:

    If I get spammed there will be blood. It’s a piece of piss getting a comment allowed on the blog, there’s one rule. Don’t say anything retarded.

  9. Sean says:

    Haha, fair enough. I’ll have a word with him.

  10. Ben says:

    What I’m really interested in knowing is where a guy could get some free Johnsonvilles…

  11. Not sure if this counts, but here goes: do a search for [“keyword” intitle:”write for us”]. Depending on the industry, you’ll find a lot of WordPress CMS based blogs. Most of them you can just submit your content and they will do a quick review. Usually the ones with DA 35-55 check less and upload quick.

    Not exactly outreach free, but certainly less outreach required.

  12. David says:

    Awesome list, very valuable, thanks!

  13. David says:

    P.S arent links on slideshare.net nofollow? I couldnt see any dofollow ones on the profiles I checked…

  14. Carl says:

    I think that the point have always been the same in link building – diversify links as much as possible.

  15. Matt Beks says:

    All these suggestions are crap. Waste of time posting on all them! How bout you all stop stuffing about and do some proper link building for a change!

  16. Pat Grass says:

    Thanks for the information. Very new to the SEO world and this was very helpful.

  17. […] Links You Can Get With Zero Outreach  Anthony D Nelson […]

  18. Brandon says:

    Nice Job! There were a few gold nuggets in here I am now definitely going to use for my clients. BAM love SEO :)

  19. Thanks for those tips – I’ll certainly give them a try as I wasn’t aware of some of those urls!

  20. HopNaTop says:

    Very useful urls. I got here looking for a completely different kind of stuff (regarding twitter bio) but this links got my attention right away. Of course I already knew most of them, but some are new to me.
    Thanks a lot.

  21. magazin2013 says:

    Opera profile is nofollow

  22. Ken Kowalsky says:

    In addition to Opera, Slideshare & WooRank are nofollow.

  23. Moin Ramiz says:

    awesome ways of getting good links :)

  24. mark says:

    not sure if songza.com is a do-follow link, if it is, it will only benefit you, considering that it is a PR 8 site….make a playlist according to the theme/mood of your blog or industry….

  25. Nice links to the websites, visual.ly is another great website to get a link if you submit an infographics

  26. Filip says:

    Im going through Your list and building links
    Just finished with Flickr but I can see that link under the website field is no follow.

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