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How to Scrape Blog Comment URLs

This post is so simple and basic, a lot of you can stop reading right now. Some people (myself included) are not experts at scraping things. In fact, I am a complete noob when it comes to XPath, importXML or basically any type of coding whatsoever. Luckily, I work in an ever-gracious industry. Free SEO tools, spreadsheets, bookmarklets and extensions galore! Sometimes, something as easy as exporting search results, can be seen as a challenge before a simple tool is discovered.

One of the more useful, but often ignored SEO tools is the Scrape Similar Plug-in for Chrome. It can be a major timesaver. One of my favorite uses for this plug-in is to scrape the URLs of commenters on any given blog post.


Using Scrape Similar to Export Comment URLs to Google Docs or Excel

highlight comment to scrape


1) Open Chrome. Download Scrape Similar.


2) Visit blog post with comments you want to scrape.
scrape similar chrome plugin


3) Highlight first comment with a URL included.


4) Right-click. Select ‘Scrape Similar.’


5) Export to Google Docs.export comment urls to excel

Click on the screenshots to the right to view full-size.

And there you have it. Amazing data ready for you to manipulate. You didn’t have to do a thing. Knowing the right tools for each job is a huge skill-set.


Want to Learn How to Scrape?

A good start is to play around with the Scrape Similar plug-in. Take a look at the XPath reference. Study it each time you use it. Eventually, it may lead to being able to scrape things without someone else’s plug-in doing the heavy lifting. Something that will be beneficial on a page where Scrape Similar doesn’t work as intended.

Really Want to Learn More About Scraping?

Check out these resources to get you going.

Do you scrape? How did you learn? Have a resource to share? Drop it in the comments.