For years, Google has inexplicably refused to give users permission to remove Google analytics accounts or Google Webmaster Tools accounts from their own profile. This has been an annoying issue since 2009.

You’d offer to take a look at a friend’s website or take on a new client, and they’d give you access to their Google accounts. Then, they’d be stuck there forever or you have to go through the awkward, “Hey, I don’t want to help you out anymore” or “We’re not working together anymore” email to get rid of it. Hoping they actually know how to remove your user permissions and carry through with the action of deleting your access.

You can now delete Google Analytics accounts you don’t want access to, regardless of the level of user permissions you have on the account.

How to Remove Old Google Analytics Accounts from Your Own Profile

It’s super easy and obvious now. Just do it the way you’ve tried to and failed at many times in the past. Go to Google Analytics. Click on the settings menu. Then go to user management and click the big red button that says “Remove Myself From This Account.”

Poof. It’s gone forever.

remove or delete google analytics account from your profile


How to Remove Old Google Webmaster Tools Accounts from Your Google Profile

delete google webmaster tools profileSame story here. It’s not hard to do, it’s just that Google finally gave us access to control our own Webmaster Tools account and remove profiles that we no longer want access to.

Go to the Webmaster Tools Homepage. Select the “Manage Site” dropdown. There is now an option to Delete the website from your Webmaster Tools account. Hooray.


I’m not sure when this change happened, but I know it was recent. I haven’t seen anyone else blog about this. If you do a google search for “delete old google analytics account” or something similar, you still only run into the hundreds of threads of people complaining on help forums about their inability to do this simple task.

I just removed 7 old analytics accounts and deleted 5 webmaster tools accounts. It feels good to open those pages up and only see accounts that matter to me at this moment.



6 Responses to Finally! Remove old Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools Accounts

  1. Steve says:

    The Webmaster Tools ‘Delete’ option is at least a few weeks old – saw it a while back. The wording is confusing though – “remove” or “remove myself” would be better (“delete” sounds daunting)!

    • Hey Steve-

      I totally get what your saying with the “delete” terminology. I’ve used this to remove myself from a few GWT accounts…but after a week or so, the accounts keep showing up. It appears to be a bit buggy. There are a few sites I’ve removed/deleted myself from 2-3 times already. It appears Google is almost giving us what we want. They just need to take care of the bugs. Have you seen this happen at all?

  2. Bill Bean says:

    The language (i.e. delete) is scary. I agree.

  3. And are you absolutely sure that deleting it won’t completely delete it (from the client’s account as well)? Did you check with any of them after you clicked Delete? Cuz yeah…definitely scary terminology.

    • Hi Donna- I have removed some Webmaster Tools accounts from my Google profile, and confirmed it didn’t delete the entire Website’s GWT account. However, there appears to be a bug on Google’s end. Deleting the accounts doesn’t actually work. It will disappear for a day at most, then all of the accounts you deleted will show back up. Basically, the delete function doesn’t work.

  4. Samantha says:

    Was going to try this with some old accounts then read through comments. Thanks to everyone who has posted updates to this!

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