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How to Scrape Blog Comment URLs

This post is so simple and basic, a lot of you can stop reading right now. Some people (myself included) are not experts at scraping things. In fact, I am a complete noob when it comes to XPath, importXML or basically any type of coding whatsoever. Luckily, I work in an ever-gracious industry. Free SEO […]

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Uncover Hidden Connections to Build Quality Relationships (and links)

Link Building 101 teaches you to leverage all of your client’s existing relationships. Look for business partners, current vendors, technology partners, employee blogs, customer blogs, and your friends’ friend’s website. After you reach out to all the obvious people, link building gets a lot harder. The easy wins are gone. Now you have to consider […]

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Violating Copyright to Build Links with Pinterest

6/12/13 UPDATE: This post is now out of date and Pinterest no longer handles embed codes as described below in the article. I hate to do this, but within the first 10 posts on my new site I’m already writing about Pinterest. Sigh. I know the whole Pinterest copyright situation is murky, but this link […]

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Links You Can Get With Zero Outreach

We all pick up a few easy links as we wander around the web. SEOs can’t visit a single website without briefly thinking, “where can I get a link on here?” It’s a mindset that you can’t turn off. The following list is a few places where different SEOs have nabbed quick links. Some easy […]

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SES NY 2012 Recap Anthony D. Nelson

SES NY 2012 Recap

I’m happy to say that Northside SEO made it to SES this year. This post is a few weeks late to be a timely recap for SES NY, but I didn’t think there was anything covered at the conference that was breaking news or time sensitive. This post is not meant to compete with the […]

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Did Roger Mozbot Take You Here?

Hi there! You’re probably visiting my site for the first time after clicking-through my Broken Link Building post on SEOmoz. I originally started writing my broken link building post right here on Northside SEO, but decided that it would be better served reaching a larger audience as a YouMoz post. Don’t be upset that you […]

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MozBar SERP Screenshot - Export CSV

Export Search Results or Scrape SERPs to Excel CSV

For most people, this is sort of an SEO 101 thing, but I still run into people looking for information on how to get data out of the SERPs. Exporting search results is a simple but powerful way to get data from google for link building or keyword research. If you are not great with […]

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Fitocracy Achievements

If I Did SEO for Fitocracy

First off, I’m going to give a quick shout-out to a couple of blog posts by John Doherty and by Dan Shure as two sources of inspiration for my own “If I did SEO for…” post. The two of which were most likely inspired by Tom Critchlow’s SEO for Hipmunk post. I’m going to give […]

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