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Mozcon 2013 Report Card

mozcon name badge 2013Mozcon 2013 just wrapped up and I’m currently chilling in the MSP airport drinking a beer waiting on a severely delayed flight home. I wanted to share a few thoughts about the conference. I’m not going to write about the presentations and the takeaways from them. Kane and Beth absolutely nailed it.

I enjoyed this conference. Actually, I think I really enjoyed it. If you’re a digital marketer (SEO, Social, CRO, UX) I think this conference will be as good as any for you to attend.

Photo Credit: Mike from SwellPath

Conference: A+

Seattle is a cool town. The venue was fantastic. When you walk in you realize immediately you’re not at SES are some other show. Impressive lighting, audio and video screens. The stage is set-up really nice to see and hear the presentation. Being located a block from some hotels is definitely convenient. The swag was nice (t-shirt for me, Roger for the kids and book to give away). The food was pretty good for a typical conference style buffet. The Moz party at EMP was also great. Open bar makes any party a party worth attending.

mozcon party

Photo Credit: Cyrus


mozcon 2013 speakers

Photo Credit: Mike again

Speakers and Content: B+

Some of the speakers were fantastic. Most of them were very good. Only a couple felt like a waste of my time and missed the mark in my opinion. The show doesn’t focus on quick tips/tricks/tools. There is definitely some of that in each talk, but it’s not the main focus. If that is what you are looking for, this might not be the show for you. A lot of the talks focus on big picture things like branding, company culture, empathy, community. I enjoy these talks.


Networking: A++

Mozcon was absolutely fantastic for networking. Even if you don’t want to spend $799 to $1500 for the ticket, you should hop a flight to Seattle and hang out with a ton of great marketers. There are way to many people to name, so I’m not going to name any. I enjoyed talking with all of you. It was inspiring.


Mozcon Tips

  • Use Twitter or the Facebook Mozcon group to touch base with a few people before you go. It’s nice to get an idea of who is going to be there so you can make a point to meet up with them. There are a few people in my Twitter circle that I missed meeting up with and I regret that.
  • Arrive a day early if possible. There are already a lot of people there to meet up and it’s a good time to enjoy the city a bit. Once the conference starts it’s pretty easy to get stuck around the convention area and hotel.
  • Expand your circle. I talk with a great group of marketers on Twitter and blog comments. I was excited to meet these people in real life. I also met a ton of people that I’d never heard of. Bloggers and Twitter are great, but there are even more great people out there. Mix it up a bit.
  • Bring a backpack or a bag. Carrying a laptop, random swag and coffee and then trying to shake hands doesn’t work. Find a way to move your shit hands free.
  • Set your expectations correctly. Speakers at conferences don’t magically say something that will solve your work problems and pain points. You do get the chance to meet a lot of smart people who have dealt with similar problems. Connect with people. You never know who may be able to help you in little ways, possibly down the road.
  • Remember how to connect with people. I know you go to a conference to learn stuff yourself, but other people are there to learn stuff as well. Remember that you need to ask other people what you can do for them.

My beer’s gone and my plane is about to leave. That’s all I got. If you’re looking for a funnier, more insightful post about Mozcon, check out David Minchala’s from last year.

Conclusion: Go to Mozcon. It was a blast.