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3 Word Recaps of 2014 Mozcon Speakers

A recap post? Is that necessary? Probably not. I don’t care though, there might be a few people who want to take a look at a few of the insights I took away from the talks.

I know you are all very busy. So I cut my notes down over 50%. Here are your Mozcon Cliff Notes.

  • Kerry – Customer Journey Map
  • Rich – Create Common Enemies
  • Kyle – (Sample) Size Matters
  • Mike – Google Map Maker
  • Lexi – Pitch Keyword Volume
  • Mike – API All Things
  • Dr. Pete – SME on PornHub
  • Stacey – Facebook Graph Search
  • Steph – Segment Survey Answers
  • Zeph – Alchemy API FTW
  • Justin – Markup All Entities
  • Marshall – GWT Lies (Parse!)
  • Cutroni – Tag Scroll Depth
  • Wil – Facebook Custom Audience
  • Paddy – Facebook Lookalike Audiences
  • Dana – Reporting Raises Rates
  • Nathalie – Clickbait Better Deliver
  • Rand – SERP CTR & Ghost Links (four or five words? I don’t care)

Note: Not every talk is covered in this post. I walked away from a few talks with exactly zero notes and there were a few I missed. So it goes.

If my fantastic summaries weren’t enough, I recommend you check out Kane’s recap or Lauren’s live blog. This was an incredible show. If anyone is on the fence about attending a future show, I would highly recommend it. It’s a very good time.

anthony d nelson mozcon