Comment as myself on a Facebook page

Facebook Page Comment as Yourself

One of the frustrations faced by Facebook fan page admins comes from the inability to comment as yourself on your own Facebook pages. Previously, you could only post comments as the official brand, company, service or whatever the page is for. There are times when you want to step in and post something as yourself. A chance to become more personable and back off official brand standards a bit. The inability to comment as yourself on fan pages has been a problem for years, without a solution.

Despite there being an easy solution to this problem for months, it has remained unknown to most page owners. If you tried to find a solution using Google, you probably ran into outdated posts such as Mari Smith’s or Dave Taylor’s. Both of these posts were spot on at the time, but they continue to get good rankings in the SERPs despite no longer being entirely accurate.

Facebook has changed it so you can now comment on your own fan page wall, with your own personal profile. Finally, you can comment on your Facebook page as yourself.

This post is not about the ability to switch to your Facebook fan page identity and go comment on other Facebook pages. That is an easy to see option with little confusion. This post addresses the Facebook Page Admin’s ability to comment on their own page using their own personal profile.


Step 1:

Steps to Comment as Self on Facebook Fan PageVisit your Facebook page ( and click on the ‘Edit Page’ button in the top right corner. Located directly below your profile picture.



Step 2:

Comment as myself on a Facebook pageClick on the top option in the left nav, “Your Settings.” This will put you one step away from being able to comment on your Facebook page as yourself.



Step 3:

Facebook page comment as yourselfUncheck the box that is currently checked. After you uncheck it, make sure to save your settings on the bottom of the page. That’s it. You can now go back to your fan page wall and post a comment as yourself.


So there you have it. You now have the ability to use your Facebook page and comment as yourself. Let me warn you that this can cause some confusion after you first change your settings. If you’ve been a Facebook page admin for years, you’ve probably gotten used to the page profile being the default commenting option, but you now find yourself needing to switch to the fan page each time you want to respond as the page itself. That is why I recommend leaving your settings as is, and simply doing the steps above to quickly comment on a page as yourself before immediately switching it back to the original settings.

To switch back to default commenting as the page, repeat the steps above and make sure the box is checked before saving and leaving the page.