MozBar SERP Screenshot - Export CSV

Export Search Results or Scrape SERPs to Excel CSV

For most people, this is sort of an SEO 101 thing, but I still run into people looking for information on how to get data out of the SERPs. Exporting search results is a simple but powerful way to get data from google for link building or keyword research. If you are not great with code and don’t want to deal with importXml you don’t need to look any further than the SEOmoz MozBar. You probably already have it installed on your browser. If you don’t, you can grab it for Chrome or Firefox at this link.

The biggest problem with the MozBar is that it is so full of features that you are probably missing out on most of them.

Once the MozBar is installed, simply follow the easy steps below.

Exporting Google Search Results into an Excel CSV

1) Perform a search in google in the browser with the MozBar installed

2) Click ‘Export to CSV’ in the SERP Control Panel on the top right

MozBar SERP Screenshot - Export CSV

That’s it. It’s that freaking easy. Be sure to change your advanced search settings to show up to 100 results if you want to export the top 100 results in the SERPs.