Case Study: Can You Fake Blog Post Freshness?

I originally published this post on Moz. Over the years, you’ve certainly read something about how Google loves fresh content. Perhaps you’ve read that sometimes it takes its love of freshness too far. Now it’s the middle of 2015. Does freshness still play a significant role in how Google ranks search results? To find out, […]

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Protecting Your Branded Black Friday SERPs

Black Friday is a huge shopping event. A crucial week for most e-commerce sites. Since I focus on e-commerce, I decided to take a quick glance at how some of the major retailers were doing this year at protecting their Black Friday Branded SERPs. As you can see in the pictures below, I used a […]

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anthony d nelson mozcon

3 Word Recaps of 2014 Mozcon Speakers

A recap post? Is that necessary? Probably not. I don’t care though, there might be a few people who want to take a look at a few of the insights I took away from the talks. I know you are all very busy. So I cut my notes down over 50%. Here are your Mozcon […]

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Finally! Remove old Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools Accounts

For years, Google has inexplicably refused to give users permission to remove Google analytics accounts or Google Webmaster Tools accounts from their own profile. This has been an annoying issue since 2009. You’d offer to take a look at a friend’s website or take on a new client, and they’d give you access to their […]

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referral traffic from youtube annotations

YouTube Marketing with Associated Website Annotations

When YouTube released annotations that allow you to link to an associated website, I thought they’d be covered to death across various marketing blogs. Instead, they’ve sort of stayed under the radar. I think they are a game changer for marketing on YouTube. ___________________________ Benefits of Associated Website Link Annotations The two biggest benefits from […]

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Intelligent Brand Monitoring: Going Beyond Google Alerts

  Brand Monitoring Beyond Google Alerts   Brand monitoring has always been an important piece of internet marketing. Extremely valuable for reputation management as well as for the link builders of the world. The key is trying to catch the right mentions. You don’t want to get stuck with an inbox full of scraped or […]

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mozcon name badge 2013

Mozcon 2013 Report Card

Mozcon 2013 just wrapped up and I’m currently chilling in the MSP airport drinking a beer waiting on a severely delayed flight home. I wanted to share a few thoughts about the conference. I’m not going to write about the presentations and the takeaways from them. Kane and Beth absolutely nailed it. I enjoyed this […]

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me writing a similar blog post

How to (Sometimes) Get Free Quality Content and a Link

For months, I’ve thought about writing a post about a technique I’ve had a little success with. Recently, two posts were written that were extremely close to the topic of my post. When I saw both post titles, I thought “Shit. He just wrote the post I was procrastinating on for the last few months.” […]

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