“Answered on Google” Videos (Desktop & Mobile Example)

Today I spotted “Answered on Google” videos live in my Google Feed (after I swiped left on my Pixel 2 phone) and I wanted to take a few screenshots to share it. After a bit of querying around, I was able to reproduce it on desktop as well.

Here are some pictures of the experience.

Google Suggested Articles Feed on Mobile

This first image shows my suggested content feed. This panel for “Sal Khan answered a question on Google” immediately caught my interest since I work at Khan Academy.



Once I clicked on the video, it loaded up the content in the Google App (not in Chrome). (Keep scrolling, there is a lot of empty white space in the screenshot below.



Once it was done loaded, I was presented with a carousel of full screen vertical videos. There were five videos in total.


Desktop Layout: “Answered on Google” in the Knowledge Panel

It took me a few queries to get this example to trigger, but I found it in the knowledge panel when I searched for “Sal Khan” the name.


Here is what it looks like when you click on it on desktop.


Want to see it yourself? Try this link: https://www.google.com/search?q=Sal+Khan&ibp=askj;FDEGOtsC%7CcKRaXM&hl=en


What Caused this to Trigger? 

I’m not exactly sure, but I have a few guesses. It is a new feature and I’m guessing that Google reached out to Khan Academy to try it out. It’s “Teacher Appreciation Week” and each of these videos is focused on that current event topic. All of my queries for “Teacher Appreciation Week” or similar did not return the “Answered on Google” video carousel.