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Northside SEO is an internet marketing company located in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Our clients appreciate that we are knowledgeable, full of hustle and brutally honest. Our primary focus is SEO, but we have a well rounded skill set and make recommendations anywhere we see a chance to optimize your business.

We know marketing. This is what we do. We focus all of our energy on getting the most out of your site. If you want to increase your traffic, acquire new customers and increase your sales, please contact us.


Anthony D. Nelson

Anthony D. Nelson SEOI have a wonderful family with a beautiful wife and two young boys. Born in Fargo, ND and currently living in Moorhead, MN. I closely follow all Minnesota sports teams and have grown accustomed to the pain that goes with being their fan. I’m a huge fan of King of the Hill. I enjoy having a drink, going out in my canoe, collecting vinyl records and other awesome stuff. I’m active in the SEO/Inbound community and regularly attend conferences. My passion for SEO and inbound marketing is immense. You can connect with me anytime on twitter.

Adam D. Nelson

I have an amazing wife and three fantastic children. I have lived in Fargo, ND my entire life and don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Outside of my family, my passions include the Minnesota Vikings and fantasy football. I have a background in business management, but over the past couple of years my focus has shifted entirely towards internet marketing (digital analytics, search and social).

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